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one cubs challenge

The following is a report in two halves about the sleepover  trip to the science museum

Science night

Name: Clarisse Moore

Place: The Science Museum

Date: 27.4.06

Before I went on the visit to the Science Museum I thought that I would have an excellent time because my brother had told me a lot about it. He had been last year. We were told that we would be able to do some activities. When I arrived I found out that my group was the Yellow Planets. First of all we attended a ‘Welcome and safety’ section, in the flight gallery, in order to become Science night agents.

I took part in three activities: ‘Snot Bags’, ‘It Takes Guts!’ and ‘Blood, Bruse and Ooze.’

In the first activity we made some snot using glue, water and a special type of powder. I learnt that you should NEVER

pick your nose! The hairs and moisture in your nose act as a filter. They collect all the dust and germs from the atmosphere and stop you from breathing them in. The second activity, which was my favorite, was It ‘Tacks Guts’. This grotesque show explored the science of food and digestion. A camera had been put up the nose and down into the stomach and eventually reached he intestines. It showed food which had been mashed up and mixed with some juices from the lining of the stomach. This is so that the food can be broken down and the good parts absorbed into the blood stream. The waste gets passed on into the intestines. It was my favorite because it showed grows stuff on a big screen. The last activity was all about blood and cuts. We got to make our own fake burses and cuts, I had the best cut. In he blood there are different types of cells: red cells contain Inga hemoglobin and that is what makes your blood red, white cells fight disease I learnt what was in your blood (it was weird because there all these types of cells).

At last we went to bed! We were all really really tired, but that did not stop us from laughing, talking and a having a lot of fun



By Nathan moore

Next day, although we had to wake up at 6.45am, after only three hours of sleep we were all looking forward to the day’s activities? (I was very sleepy)

Breakfast was at 7.15am and it was very enjoyable consisting of: an apple, a cereal bar, a croissant and a drink of orange juice.

First we went to the launch pad which was one big hall full of science toys. We could talk to each other side of the room.

Then we walked to the pixar exhibition where we saw the models of the incredibles which were used.

We rushed to the IMAX cinema when we saw deep sea. It was scary.

At the end went to the flight gallery to give out some prizes out unfortunately I didn’t get any.

Before we left we visited the shop to buy a souvenir so it would help us to remember the excellent time we had .I bought a helicopter and magnets.

Finally the cubs returned to the mini bus, but Clarisse and I traveled in the car because there wasn’t enough room for us! On the way back home we were laughing and joking because we were so happy.




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